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Autumn Pond Care Tips

Ponds, Water Feature Maintenance | October 7, 2021
Autumn Pond Care Tips

Autumn can be a difficult time for your yard, especially if you own a swim pond or ecosystem pond. Though these water features add beauty and tranquility to your yard, they require additional maintenance in the autumn months to prepare for the cold of winter. To ensure that your pond remains healthy throughout winter, several tasks must be completed. As leading providers of ecosystem ponds and swim ponds, the team at Fontana Ponds & Water Features understands how difficult it can be to ensure that you have completed every task. That is why we have compiled a list of crucial autumn pond care tips to help you be prepared to put your pond to bed for winter.

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4 Tips to Keep Your Pond Healthy in Autumn

Without any care of maintenance in autumn, your pond will start to form a layer of sludge on the bottom, causing an imbalance in your water. To prevent this buildup from occurring, be sure to perform the following tasks:

1. Consistently Remove Fallen Leaves

Fallen leaves can quickly move from the surface of your pond to the bottom, creating a thick build-up that will affect the balance of your ecosystem. To keep leaves from settling in your pond, consider installing a netting system over the surface. This net will stop leaves from sinking and allow you to quickly dispose of them. A skimmer can also be used to scoop out any leaves that may have been on the bottom of your pond before installing the net.

2. Add Cold Water Bacteria

Cold water bacteria should be added to your pond as temperatures start to drop. These bacteria will help to maintain the balance of your pond, keeping water clean and clear. Using these bacteria will also reduce the build up of debris over winter, making initial spring cleaning a much easier process.

3. Tend to Plants and Trim any Excess

Dead foliage can decompose in your pond, creating excess debris on the surface. This dead foliage should be removed as often as possible to prevent it from sinking to the bottom of your pond. Healthy plants should also be consistently trimmed to ensure that they do not droop over into the water or consume too many nutrients.

4. Ensure that Your Fish are Healthy

Be sure to feed your fish a healthy diet and monitor their health throughout the autumn months. Once your water temperature drops below 15°C, the metabolism and digestive capabilities of your fish will begin to slow down, so you will need to feed them less. When the water temperature falls below 10°C, it is time to stop feeding your fish as they will be getting ready to hibernate for the winter.

To learn more about pond maintenance or to inquire about our ecosystem ponds, get in touch with the experts at Fontana Ponds & Water Features. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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