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Natural, self-sustaining ponds for backyard spaces.

Ecosystem Ponds

Add beauty and interest to your landscape with a garden pond.

Ecosystem Pond Installation

Fontana Ponds & Water Features offers a wide range of design and installation options for ecosystem ponds. Whether you are looking to incorporate specific pond ecosystem plants or pond animals, our team of highly trained experts know how to build a garden pond for any backyard space, creating a natural, calming effect your friends and family will love.

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Ecosystem Pond Pricing and Installation
ecosystem pond installations
    What’s included:
  • Custom installation
  • Liner & underlay
  • Pond skimmer & Biofalls filtration system
  • Hand-picked boulders
  • Lighting
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Want to create a relaxing backyard atmosphere? We can help.
Installing Ecosystem Ponds

If you are living in the Lower Mainland or the Fraser Valley and need help with your pond ecosystem project, we can help. All ecosystem ponds from Fontana Ponds & Water Features are constructed from high-quality materials and can be designed to incorporate any pond animals or plants you desire. Before building a pond in your backyard, our team will even take the time to understand your wants and needs, so we can turn your water feature dream into a reality.

The Benefits of Ecosystem Ponds

Installing an ecosystem pond in your backyard can offer you a range of different benefits. Some of the main benefits for ecosystem ponds include:

  • Self-sustaining environment for plants
  • Supports local wildlife
  • Creates a natural ecosystem
  • Allows for greater water conservation
  • Provides a relaxing sanctuary
  • Increases your property value
Ecosystem Ponds from Fontana Ponds & Water Features

No matter what type of garden pond you are looking to have installed in your backyard, there is no pond ecosystem project too big or too complex for our team to handle. All of our ecosystem ponds are completely custom built for each unique backyard space, which means we can incorporate any design elements you want.

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