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At Fontana Ponds & Water Features, our goal is to help transition your water feature ideas and vision into reality, creating beautiful backyards and outdoor living spaces that last a lifetime. We are a team of efficient, talented professional landscapers that provide exceptional water feature design and construction services in cities throughout Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

We are one of only four companies in the Lower Mainland to achieve Aquascape certification for water feature design and construction. Our passion is for creating incredible water features that are as close to the beauty of nature as possible.

In every project that we take on, we will maintain constant constructive communication with you to ensure that your vision is being executed perfectly. We love building relationships with our clients and ensuring that, when the job is finished, they are equipped to make their new backyard space last a lifetime.

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Why Water?

Water has been the key to human civilization for years. We follow water everywhere we go, build and settle. Water is the source of life. After years of designing and building landscapes we saw the transformation that only took place by adding a water feature to the yard. Our clients told us that the water feature is the main element in the landscape that draws them outside. Whether it was to feed the fish, jump into a recreation pond or just watch the birds bathe in a slow moving stream, water was the number one reason. From that moment on we made it our goal to specialize in water features and hone our artistry so we can give this experience to as many people as possible. The rest is history!

Meet the Owners
Fontana Water Features Owners

Why Fontana?


We believe no one is as passionate about your water feature as we are. More important than money is the experience and piece of art that we deliver to our clients every day! Simply put, WE LOVE OUR JOB!


Every Fontana custom water feature is built with the utmost quality and attention to detail. Our water features stand the test of time and only get better as the plants around it grow in and the rock to weathers.


What good is a functioning water feature or pond if it doesn’t look good. It has been our mission to become the best water feature artists in our area and we will always continue to learn and strive to be better on every project. This is what drives us. Competing against ourselves on every new feature to be better. We guarantee every project to absolutely stunning aesthetically IT’S NOT JUST A JOB, ITS OUR PASSION!


To create an all around great experience we believe that service is the cherry on top. We commit to doing our best for you! From initial phone call to consultation to project start, finish and after care we are always here for you.

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Master Certified Aquascape Contractors

We are proud to be associated and trained by the best of the best. Since 1992, Aquascape as been the leader in water feature product development and installation. Getting their master level certification requires an enormous amount of schooling on their on line university, hands on training and proof of competence and artistry. We continue to go to their Chicago head quarters for a full week of training on a yearly basis.

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