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3 Causes of Murky Pond Water

Ponds, Water Feature Maintenance | September 23, 2022
Murky Pond Water

While a well-designed and properly installed ecosystem pond can drastically enhance the appeal of your yard, this appeal can be significantly reduced if the water becomes murky. Pond water can become dirty, green, or cloudy due to a variety of reasons, making it difficult to determine the cause and implement a suitable solution. As a leading designer and installer of quality water features, the team at Fontana Ponds & Water Features knows how detrimental murky water can be for any pond. That is why we have provided a list of 3 causes of murky pond water to help you locate the problem, solve it, and keep your pond looking great throughout the year.

Learn about some important elements of a healthy ecosystem pond.

3 Reasons Why Your Pond Water is Murky

Pond water can become murky or clouded for a variety of reasons including:

1. Your Pond Needs to Settle

One of the most common causes for murky water is that the pond has not yet settled. Depending on the size of the pond, the ecosystem may take several weeks or months to fully cycle and establish a balance. As the pond water starts to mature, the balance of bacteria and waste is established to ensure that the water stays clear. It is important to note that a pond often needs to settle before adding fish to ensure there is enough bacteria present for their waste. Introducing fish too early can lead to murky water for prolonged periods of time and may require the use of products to purify the water.

2. Excess Nutrients or Waste

Ponds require beneficial bacteria to break organic matter such as fish waste down. If a pond does not have a sufficient level of this bacteria, this waste can build up and lead to murky water that is harmful to fish and other organisms in your pond. Excess waste can also be caused by overfeeding fish, leaves falling into the pond, and sediment leaking in from the surrounding soil. An opening or leak in the pond liner can also cause excess nutrients from roots and soil to seep into the pond which can cause murky water. It is important to ensure that your pond has sufficient filtration in place and that the liner is free of flaws or openings.

3. Poor Water Quality

Over time, ponds may experience fluctuations in pH or ammonia levels due to rain, temperature, and other environmental factors. An imbalance in pH, ammonia, or KH can cause murky water. Testing your pond water with a chemical testing kit is a good method of checking this balance. If one aspect is much higher than the rest, your pond may require a treatment product to rebalance it.

To learn more about ecosystem pond care or to inquire about our pond design and installation services, get in touch with the team at Fontana Ponds & Water Features. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our services.

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