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3 Reasons Why Your Pond Needs Plants

Why do Ponds Need Plants?

When it comes to ecosystem ponds and swim ponds, most homeowners tend to think of the water that will fill these water features and the stones that will frame them….

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Types of Algae and How to Control Them

Types of Pond Algae
Ponds, Water Feature Maintenance | October 28, 2021

While algae is a completely normal occurrence in most ecosystem ponds, excessive amounts of it can quickly become a problem. The goal is to keep your pond water clear while…

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Autumn Pond Care Tips

Autumn Pond Care Tips
Ponds, Water Feature Maintenance | October 7, 2021

Autumn can be a difficult time for your yard, especially if you own a swim pond or ecosystem pond. Though these water features add beauty and tranquility to your yard,…

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3 Tips for Keeping Koi Fish in Your Pond

Keeping Koi Fish
Ponds, Water Feature Maintenance | August 5, 2021

If you own a pond or are thinking of adding one to your yard, you have likely considered the possibility of adding fish to it. Though there are many different…

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Why is my Pond’s Water Level Dropping?

Pond Water Levels Dropping

Ecosystem ponds and recreational swim ponds can add a beautiful, relaxing, and fun element to any yard. Though there are many benefits to owning a pond, maintaining a consistent water…

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Why is my Pond Water Murky?

Murky Pond Water

Ecosystem ponds add a beautiful touch to any backyard or garden but this beauty is quickly tarnished by murky water. Though muddy or dirty water can be a temporary problem…

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Can You Put Fish in a Swim Pond?

Swim Pond With Fish

Fish can be added to most recreational swim ponds and natural pools. It is even encouraged to do so for larger ponds as they can assist with ecosystem balance and…

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How to Keep Your Pond Free of Mosquitoes

Ponds, Water Feature Maintenance | November 19, 2020

Many owners of backyard ponds will tell you that wildlife management is one of the big dilemmas of maintaining a water feature, and one of the most difficult to manage…

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