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Vancouver Landscape Design: Choosing the Right Outdoor Fireplaces

Hardscapes, Landscaping | October 18, 2018

Choosing the right outdoor fireplace for a Vancouver home can be exciting, as backyard fireplaces provide great opportunities for outdoor entertainment. There are a few things to consider when picking an outdoor fire ring and, at Fontana Ponds & Water Features, we want to ensure that you have the best open-air living space possible, which is why we offer a variety of landscaping services, including landscape design and construction.

Guidelines for Picking an Outdoor Fireplace

There are important things to consider when choosing the best backyard firepit for your home. Below is a list of tips to think about to ease the task along.

1. Know the Laws

Before beginning to plan your outdoor fireplace, it is vital to know whether what you want is legal. Vancouver has strict fire laws depending on where your home is located, especially regarding wood-burning outdoor fireplaces. Consult with your city’s fire officials to learn more. It is also helpful to know where you can legally build your fire ring in relation to property lines.

2. Purpose and Positioning

If your fireplace is the centerpiece of your outdoor living space, it will likely be in a different spot than if it is an added feature to your garden. Knowing the position of the fireplace can help aid in making decisions regarding size and aesthetic. If you have a covered area in your yard, it is worth considering positioning the fireplace under that cover. Vancouver receives copious amounts of rain, and, by covering your backyard fireplace, you will be able to entertain later into the rainy season.

It also helps to know if the fire is going to be used primarily for cooking or entertaining. If you intend on having a grate across the top to cook on, you may need your fireplace built in a specific shape.

3. Know what you are Burning

The most common options for fuel for your outdoor fire ring are wood, propane, and natural gas. Wood-burning fire rings need to be legal in your community and they produce smoke, which is not always desirable; however, they also smell great and are excellent for cooking. Gas and propane outdoor fireplaces burn cleanly, can have thermal controls, and are usually legal, but they need to be piped in.

4. Establish the Aesthetic

Your yard likely has an already established look and having an outdoor fireplace that matches that look is important. If you do not have a preestablished personality for your living space, your fire ring can help. Choosing the type of brick, colour, and shape are all important considerations when establishing aesthetic.

To learn more about choosing the right outdoor fireplace for your outdoor living space in the Vancouver area, or if you are interested in any of our other landscaping services (artificial grass & putting greens, landscape design & construction, paving stones & retaining walls, tree & shrub pruning, and water features), please call Fontana Ponds & Water Features at 778-727-0631 or fill out a form on our website to receive a free quote.

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