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Paving Stones: Getting to Know the Different Types

Hardscapes, Landscaping | September 13, 2018

Getting to know the different types of paving stones can help you make an informed decision about which type will work best for your specific landscaping needs. At Fontana Ponds & Water Features, we understand the importance of installing the right type of paving stones in your space. That is why we offer a wide range of landscaping services, including paving stone and retaining wall installations.

Different Types of Paving Stones for Landscaping

Paving stones can be a great addition to any front yard landscaping or backyard landscaping project, as they can be used for everything from walkways and patios to decorative outdoor designs. Some of the different types of paving stones that can be used for landscaping purposes include:

Natural Paving Stones

Cut from quarried stone, natural paving stones are available in a wide selection of mostly earthy tones, making it extremely easy to incorporate into any landscaping. The type of natural stone being used (flagstone, fieldstone, limestone, etc.) will determine where the stone pavers can be placed, as each stone differs in hardness and density. Stronger natural paving stones can easily stand up to high-traffic areas, while softer, less dense pavers are better suited for decorative purposes.

Brick Paving Stones

Made from a combination of dried and fired clay and shale, brick paving stones are a popular choice for landscaping projects because they offer exceptional strength, classic looks, and colours that will not fade over time. Brick pavers are also highly versatile, as they are ideal for both high-traffic areas and decorative uses.

Concrete Paving Stones

Concrete paving stones, made from cement and an aggregate mixed with pigment for colour, can be designed to imitate almost any other type of paving stone. While concrete pavers offer a wider colour palette than other paving stones, they usually need to be sealed to help protect their colour from fading over time.

If you would like to learn more about getting to know the different types of paving stones, or if you are interested in one of our landscaping services (artificial grass & putting greens, landscape design & construction, paving stones & retaining walls, trees & shrub pruning, and water features), please contact Fontana Ponds & Water Features at 778-990-9773 or fill out a form on our website for a free quote.

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