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Native Plants of Vancouver

Landscaping | June 5, 2017

Beautiful Plants that are Native to Vancouver and British Columbia: Part I

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the Fontana Landscaping blog. We use this space to discuss anything and everything related to landscaping in both the Vancouver area and across the world in general. Fontana Landscaping feels that it is our responsibility to make sure that the lawns and gardens of the Vancouver and Langley area, where our local landscaping company is located, are as beautiful and thriving as possible. Beautifying yards and gardens is our specialty!

In a previous post, we talked about ecological landscaping and its benefits. Ecological landscaping is a concept where gardens and lawns are populated with plants that are native to the area. Not only does this type of landscaping promote sustainability, but it also takes a lot of the time-consuming maintenance tasks out of gardening with foreign plants. Plants, including flowers and shrubs, grow well in environments where they’re acclimated to thrive naturally. Today, we’re going to chat about some of the native, but nonetheless gorgeous, plants of the Vancouver and Pacific Northwest areas that we’re supporters of planting. Here are some of many!


A garden blooming in bright and colorful flowers can take even the plainest of homes to the level of exterior beauty seen in magazines and postcards. However, maintaining a garden isn’t always an easy task, especially if the plants aren’t native to the area. Flowers native to British Columbia and Vancouver thrive in climates that are rainy and mild in temperature. Here are some of our favorite flowers that are native to the area

  • Yarrow: Yarrow is the pretty little plant with small, white bunches of petals atop a stem. This flower thrives in many environments, including that of Vancouver, and requires little maintenance. Yarrow, while pretty, is also a natural healing herb that aids with wounds and swollen muscles! Our landscaping company loves this useful little flower!
  • Great Northern Aster: This late-summer bloomer has pointed purple petals with a yellow, bulbous center. Thriving in wet conditions, the Great Northern Aster loves growing in Vancouver and surrounding areas. Fontana Landscaping is partial to this flower because of its unique and beautiful aesthetic.
  • Great Camas: Perhaps it’s the lush greenery that pairs ever-so-nicely with the deep violet color, or maybe it’s something in the air, but Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest are no strangers to purple flowers. The Great Camus favors wet soil in the spring and winter months, which promotes its growth and blossoming throughout the summer.
  • Bleeding Heart: The unique structural components of the Bleeding Heart flower are utterly magnificent. The small bulbs stretching across a vine resemble little, pink hearts that appear to be bleeding, hence its nomenclature. Our local landscaping company thinks this flower is a wonderful addition to any garden in the Langley and Vancouver area!



While flowers are beautiful components to any garden, it’s the shrubs that fill in the gaps between the petals that complete the landscaping work. Like the flowers mentioned above, Vancouver shrubbery favors the area’s climate conditions just as much. Here are some of Fontana Landscaping’s favorite British Columbian shrubs!

  • Saskatoon Berry: Saskatoon Berry shrubs grow all across the Pacific Northwest and many areas of the United States and Canada. Resembling blueberries, the Saskatoon Berry plant produces small, purple berries that are sweet and packed with nutrients, making the plant both healthy and pretty.
  • Red Twig Dogwood: Looking exactly as its name implies, the Red Twig Dogwood stands red and tall and looks amazing across all seasons. Our local landscaping company thinks Red Twig Dogwood complements the deep violet and bright pink flowers that are so prevalent here in Vancouver!
  • Common Juniper: While the word “common” denotes something that is boring, the Common Juniper is anything but that. This little plant is famous for its prickly leaves, and fresh scent that populates any area that this shrub grows in. The Common Juniper thrives in the Vancouver conditions and looks absolutely lovely in any garden and landscape!

Thanks for reading today’s post and we hope it was helpful in inspiring your next gardening job! Our local landscaping company is excited to assist you in the thriving and healthy garden of your dreams. Call Fontana Landscaping for assistance with landscaping today!

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