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Landscape Design: Pergolas for Small Backyards

Landscaping | November 27, 2018

There are many ways to make the most out of a small backyard. If you are at a loss as to how to create an attractive and practical outdoor living space, it might be worth looking into pergolas for small backyards. At Fontana Ponds & Water Features, we strive to utilize our variety of landscaping services to turn our clients yards and gardens into outdoor paradises.

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is a structure that provides a rough type of shade or shelter. It is larger than an arbor but typically provides less shelter than a gazebo and it can be made of wood, stone, or any other material. The shape of backyard pergolas varies to fit the space, but they are most frequently square or rectangular. The amount of shelter provided by pergolas is completely subjective to the designs of the landscaper, with many pergolas offering shade or wind shelter and many more existing as simple frameworks for decorative climbing plants. Pergolas are most popularly used in conjunction with patios or decks to provide beautifully designed outdoor sitting areas.

Reasons to Install a Backyard Pergola

Plenty of people with limited space in their backyards think that adding a feature like a pergola will make their small garden seem even smaller, but this is not always the case. There are many reasons to install a backyard pergola, especially if you are limited on space. Pergolas give your garden room to grow upwards, which means that you can install plants like wisteria, honeysuckle, laburnum, and ivy. There are a variety of types of fruits that are able to creep and grow up pergolas as well, such as grapes, beans, and many others.

Backyard pergolas also offer privacy. Curtains, lattice, or wooden slats can easily be installed on most pergolas to give you a private backyard sitting area. Most types of pergolas are incredibly customizable, especially wooden pergolas, which means that if you want to hang outdoor lighting, install a retractable sun shade, or change up the colour scheme of your outdoor living space you can easily do so.

If you are looking to add value to your outdoor living space, pergolas are worth looking into. To learn more about pergolas for small backyards in the Vancouver area, or if you are interested in any of our other landscaping services (artificial grass & putting greens, landscape design & construction, paving stones & retaining walls, tree & shrub pruning, and water features), please call Fontana Ponds & Water Features at 778-727-0631 or fill out a form on our website to receive a free quote.

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