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How to Keep Pond Water Clear Without a Filter

Ecosystem Ponds, Water Features | March 28, 2019

If you have a pond on your property, it can be extremely beneficial to know how to keep pond water clear without a filter. There are many reasons that a pond or water feature might become murky or discoloured after being installed. At Fontana Ponds & Water Features, we are an experienced team of experts in water feature installation who know the causes of cloudy water and the methods that can help keep your water feature looking fresh and pristine.

Causes of Murky Pond Water

The reasons that pond water might be murky usually have to do with particulates that are floating throughout the pond. If your pond has a large number of koi or other fish life swimming around, they could be stirring up silt, clay, or dirt particles and not letting those particles resettle. This is also a common problem in ponds that see frequent recreational use. Many ponds become cloudy after heavy rainfall or use, but these particles can usually settle out if given time and space.

In many cases, ponds become cloudy or discoloured due to algae growth. If this is the case, an algaecide can make your pond water clear without using a filter. Ponds can go through cycles of life and, if there is a sudden boom in growth of beneficial bacteria, water can become temporarily cloudy. Cloudiness in pond water can often be a combination of factors: algae could be running rampant in the pond at the same time as rain or fish are stirring up particulates.

How To Maintain Pond Water Clarity

When installing a water feature or pond, make sure that you speak with an experienced water feature expert about the best ways to keep your waterscape clean. There are many types of filters, both synthetic and natural, that can help to keep your water clear with the use of a simple, inexpensive pump. If you prefer to not use a filter in your water feature, some methods to maintain clear pond water include:

  • Installing a layer of rock along the edges and bottom of the pond to keep dirt and silt contained
  • Increasing the amount of plant life in and around the pond
  • Removing some or all of the fish for a time
  • Using an algaecide
  • Vacuuming or sweeping out excess sludge, debris, and nutrients

In many cases, murky ponds will become clear again with time. Before investing in any water clearing solutions, make sure that you have your water tested for quality and give particulates in the water time to settle.

To learn more about how to keep pond water clear without a filter, or to find out more about our suite of water feature design and installation services, contact Fontana Ponds & Water Features at 778-990-9773 or fill out a contact form on our website.

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