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3 Reasons Why Your Pond Needs Plants

Why do Ponds Need Plants?

When it comes to ecosystem ponds and swim ponds, most homeowners tend to think of the water that will fill these water features and the stones that will frame them. While these are undoubtedly vital elements, it is equally crucial to ensure that you are planting aquatic plants in your pond. From enhanced filtration to aesthetic appeal, there are many benefits of plants for ponds of all sizes. That is why the experts at Fontana Ponds & Water Features have compiled a list of 3 reasons why your pond needs plants to demonstrate how vital they are for your ecosystem pond or swim pond.


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How do Ponds Benefit from Aquatic Plants?

Ponds of all sizes will experience the following benefits from aquatic plants:

1. Natural Filtration and Ecosystem Balance

Ponds feature a delicate ecosystem that can be difficult to maintain through changing weather conditions. If your pond’s ecosystem becomes unbalanced, your water could become murky or you could experience excessive algae growth. Aquatic plants provide natural filtration to remove nitrogen, ammonia, nitrates, and other minerals from your pond that can disrupt the balance of your ecosystem. Plants are especially important if you wish to add fish to your pond or live in an area with variable or harsh weather conditions.

2. Sheltering Fish

If you have always wanted to add koi or other fish to your pond, it is important to ensure that they are protected against birds and other predators. Aquatic plants help to provide much-needed shelter for fish while giving them shade from direct sunlight, keeping them safe and healthy throughout the year.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Without plants, your pond is just a large body of water with some stones around it. Plants like water lilies, lotus, taro, and horsetail provide a much-need pop of colour for your pond and help it look more like a natural formation in your yard. In addition to colour, aquatic plants can add some dimension to your pond by providing variations in height and depth, increasing aesthetic appeal.

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