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What Kinds of Fish Are Best for Vancouver Ponds?

Ponds | November 5, 2020

Like any living thing, different types of fish have adapted to live in specific environments in order to survive. Placing a fish in the wrong kind of habitat can lead to its untimely death, so it is important to know what kinds of fish are best for Vancouver ponds. There are many ways to make a backyard fishpond, and Vancouver’s temperate climate is ideally suited for ecosystem ponds.

What Fish Should I Put in My Vancouver Pond?

Knowing the best kind of fish to put in your backyard fishpond in Vancouver can help you to ensure that your money is well spent, and that your new pets will live as well as they possibly can. There are many factors that influence what fish you should purchase for your pond. The size of the pond, the types of plants you have present, whether or not the pond is heated, and different structural elements of the pond can all make a difference in which fish will thrive. Although Vancouver has fairly temperate winters compared to the rest of Canada, it can still get cold enough that our fish need to have a somewhat sturdy constitution. It is also important to consider what fish will be able to avoid the kind of predators that are common in Vancouver.

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Some of the best types of fish to look into for Vancouver fishponds include:


Koi are beautiful and hardy enough to be able to get through British Columbia’s winters, as long as they are properly taken care of. Koi prefer warmer water, but they can thrive in cold water as well. It is best to keep pond water between 15-25 degrees for koi to do their best.

Mosquito Fish

A great fish to invest in for your backyard pond is mosquito fish, as their diet consists primarily of mosquito larvae. They are extremely resilient to freezing temperatures as well as warm water, making them an excellent option for Vancouver ponds.


Goldfish can be somewhat fragile, but they tend to do well in ponds with an abundance of life and cooler water. There is a massive variety of types and colours of goldfish available, and most are fairly affordable.

Golden Orfe

These fish thrive in cold water and are beautiful to look at, making them an excellent addition to any Vancouver garden pond. They require plenty of oxygen in the water, so it is important to have oxygenating plants and a good pump.

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