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How Often Should You Change the Water in Your Water Feature?

Water Features | August 24, 2023
how often should you change the water in your water feature

At Fontana Ponds & Water Features, we know that water features are a fantastic addition to any landscape. Apart from raising the property value and creating a cozy and natural environment, water features are simply enriching to our lives. But just like any other aspect of your home, they need regular care and maintenance. Knowing how often you should change the water in your water feature will help keep your water feature running optimally for years to come.


Ponds are complex ecosystems that require a delicate balance to thrive. Contrary to popular belief, it is unnecessary and even harmful to change all of your pond’s water regularly.

Regular Topping Up

In general, a well-maintained pond rarely needs a complete water change. Instead, it should be topped up regularly, ideally with rainwater, to compensate for evaporation and any minor water losses. While you might sometimes see your pond water level change, there are several common reasons why your pond’s water levels might drop that you should look into.

Complete Water Changes

Complete water changes disrupt the biological balance, removing beneficial bacteria essential for breaking down waste. They should be a last resort, such as when the water is highly polluted or if there is a disease outbreak amongst pond life.


Unlike ponds, fountains, due to their lack of living organisms, need more frequent water changes.

Routine Fountain Water Changes

We recommend changing the water in your fountain every month. Regular water changes prevent algae growth and mineral deposits, keeping your fountain operating smoothly and looking pristine.

Use of Water Treatments

Additionally, consider using water treatments and algaecides specially designed for fountains. These can extend the period between water changes and maintain the aesthetic appeal of your water feature.

Waterfalls and Streams

Waterfalls and streams are similar to ponds in that they should be treated as ecosystems rather than purely decorative features.

Occasional Topping Up

With these features, occasional topping up is sufficient, as it allows for the maintenance of beneficial bacteria and microbes, which contribute to a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

Sediment Removal

You should occasionally remove the sediment buildup, which typically happens in slower-moving parts of the water feature. This cleaning does not require a complete water change but rather a good pump-out of the settled debris.

As certified Aquascape contractors, the team from Fontana Ponds & Water Features understand the ins and outs of water feature maintenance. It is vital to remember that each water feature is unique and requires different care levels. If you need water feature maintenance done by professionals, do not hesitate to schedule a visit by calling us at 778-990-9773.

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