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Best Fish for Your Swim Pond

Ponds | July 6, 2023
best fish for swim ponds

If you are thinking about creating a slice of nature right in your backyard, the dedicated team from Fontana Ponds & Water Features can help you design a unique swim pond that will not only offer you relaxation but also enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal. When it comes to selecting the best fish for your swim pond, make sure to keep climate conditions in mind. Below are five perfect fish breeds to keep your swim pond vibrant and healthy all year round.

1. Koi Carp

Koi carp are a classic choice for a reason. They are hardy and able to withstand Greater Vancouver’s varying climate, including the cooler winters. Koi are available in a stunning variety of colours and patterns, adding a visual feast to your swim pond. They also grow quite large, which can add an extra sense of awe and wonder to your aquatic retreat; however, remember that koi require a considerable amount of care, including a well-maintained pond with a good filtration system and regular health checks.

Here are common pond maintenance issues you might encounter.

2. Goldfish

Common goldfish are another excellent choice for your swim pond. They can survive in a wide range of temperatures, making them a good fit for Greater Vancouver’s climate. Goldfish are also easier to care for than koi and are a good choice for first-time fish owners. Plus, their gleaming gold and orange hues provide an elegant contrast to the swim pond’s water colour.

3. Shubunkin

Shubunkin, also known as Calico goldfish, is a hardy variety of goldfish that can handle temperature changes very well. Their beautifully speckled bodies, exhibiting a wide array of colours, are a visual delight. A swim pond in the Greater Vancouver area filled with Shubunkins is bound to make a striking impression.

4. Fathead Minnows

If you are looking for a low-maintenance option that also adds a sense of peace to your swim pond, fathead minnows are a great choice. These small fish are highly resilient and can survive in various water conditions. They are not as flashy as koi or goldfish, but their iridescent bodies shimmering beneath the water can bring a subtle, calming beauty to your backyard oasis.

5. Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout is a unique addition to a swim pond as it thrives in colder water, making it perfect for the Greater Vancouver climate. These fish need a larger pond with a good depth, as they enjoy swimming against currents. Adding rainbow trout to your swim pond will not only provide a unique swimming experience but can also turn your backyard into a mini fishing retreat.

Enjoy the mesmerizing view of these creatures swimming around, and let them turn your swim pond into a lively, peaceful escape from the daily hustle. Here are additional reasons why you should add fish to your swim pond.

If you are shopping for a swim pond, you could not find a better certified Aquascape expert than Fontana Ponds & Water Features. Prepare all your questions and request a consultation through our web form. We look forward to making your swim pond dreams come true.

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