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3 Great Locations for a Water Fountain

Water Features | December 6, 2022
Water Fountain

If you are looking to increase the appeal of your backyard and add a relaxing element to your property, a small or large decorative fountain may be the perfect solution. After determining which type of fountain is best for your preferences and budget, you will need to determine which location to have it installed in. While water fountains can be effectively used in nearly any outdoor space, certain locations may be a better fit for your needs and space requirements. That is why the experts at Fontana Ponds & Water Features have put together a list of 3 great locations for a water fountain to help you create a beautiful and relaxing space in your backyard.

Learn what to consider before installing a water fountain on your property.

Which Water Fountain Location is Right for You?

Decorative water fountains can serve different purposes depending on their size, design, and where they are installed in your yard. The following locations are popular choices for fountains of all sizes:

1. The Middle of Your Yard

If you are looking to create a focal point for your property, a series of small decorative fountains or one large custom water feature in the centre of your yard is hard to miss. This type of water fountain can be enjoyed from afar or up close and creates an instant talking point for entertaining. Larger central fountains are also a great choice for blocking out ambient noise, making them the perfect solution for outdoor relaxation and Zen gardens.

2. In a Garden or Beneath a Tree

A small water fountain tucked into a flowerbed or beneath a tree can attract pollinators and encourage a healthy garden. By choosing a fountain that is slightly taller than the surrounding plants, it becomes a creative accent for any garden, rock formation, or other decorative element. To maintain the relaxing sound of running water, it is important to ensure that your fountain is installed at a suitable distance from loud neighbourhood noises or household noises such as central air conditioning units.

3. By a Patio or Other Seating Area

Water fountains can be a great destination or area for guests to gather. Whether you want to place a fountain by your patio or have one installed in the far corner of your yard, both locations can create a relaxing hideaway for you, your family, and your guests. Adding a path to the fountain and surrounding it with plants and comfortable seating can add further relaxation while enhancing the appeal of your yard.

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